About TES

Conserving and protecting natural resources since 1975

Terrestrial Environmental Specialists, Inc. (TES) is one of the oldest environmental consulting firms in the northeastern United States.  It was incorporated in 1975.  TES specializes in the studies of natural resources, including: wetlands, wildlife, birds, vegetation, fisheries, habitat inventories, habitat restoration, endangered species, and others.  Wetland studies and endangered and threatened species surveys form the bulk of our current work.  These studies are usually performed on behalf of applicants in support of permit applications or other approvals.

TES is owned and managed by scientists who are actively involved with the daily operations of the business.  Because of our technical backgrounds, our philosophy is to maintain our technical expertise and knowledge of environmental permits and regulations at the cutting edge. We have found that such knowledge is extremely valuable in providing our clients with straight answers about their proposed projects.

One of the strengths of TES is the experience and knowledge of the ever-changing state and federal permitting processes and requirements. TES’s knowledge of current regulations and agency postures is paramount in advising clients about project plans or their best possible position to acquire a permit.

Our client base from across New York and the northeast is vast and varied. It includes: engineers, lawyers, universities, developers, retail chains, design-build firms, utilities, gas companies, remediation specialists, and municipalities.

Our knowledge of environmental issues and related state and federal permits is unsurpassed in New York. Contact us today for assistance with your project.