Bald Eagle Conservation Plan Open for Public Comment

Feb 22, 2015

Comments are being received until April 10, 2015 on the Bald Eagle Conservation Plan. Based on a reintroduction program in the 1970’s and 1980’s and the banning of DDT use in the U.S., the bald eagle has made a remarkable recovery in New York State and throughout the northeastern U.S. In 1987, a draft recovery plan suggested that if there are 40 occupied territories, a productivity rate of 1.1 eagles per nest, and 200 wintering bald eagles, then the bald eagle could be delisted in New York State.


Based on 2014 statistics, there were 254 nesting pairs of bald eagles and 331 nesting territories, with a productivity of 1.3 young per nest. During the 2010 winter survey, there were 658 wintering bald eagles in New York State. While the bald eagle is not being proposed for delisting in New York, it may be time for this action to be taken. 


Recommendations within this conservation plan include continued monitoring of breeding and wintering eagles, protection of nesting habitats, conducting research to reduce mortality from train collisions, determining the impact of contaminants on bald eagles, and public outreach efforts. In any case, the NYSDEC should be ecstatic over the recovery of bald eagles in New York.


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