Wetland Delineation & Permitting

Wetland Delineation and Permitting

One of our core services, TES has completed thousands of wetland delineations. Our clientele has included developers, state and federal agencies, individuals, and other small / large companies. TES tackles any and all wetland jobs, from large, mapped and regulated wetlands to small, previously unknown wetlands and vernal pools. TES staff are highly knowledgeable and provide an accurate and precise wetland boundary which has proven to hold up to an agency review. TES has an excellent working relationship with numerous regulatory agencies and a proven track record of successfully acquiring permits within project deadlines.

Our wetland delineation and permitting services include: 

  • Informal field surveys (look-sees) for a rough identification of a site's wetland resources
  • Formal wetland delineations according to federal and state manuals
  • Wetland resource reports
  • Nationwide and Individual Permit application and document support
  • Impact analysis reports
  • State permit applications
  • Violation and controversial project support and guidance
  • Stream and watercourse delineation, permitting and analysis
  • Vernal pool identification